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With an emphasis on contrast, fruits burst with color against the rich tones of an earthenware pot. A shapely metal teakettle shines amidst gem-like grapes and deep garnet apples. Homely cloves of garlic, an enraptured orchid, a blue-patterned bowl, an egg; all are highlighted in Patt Baldino’s distinctive still-lifes.

Sensitivity combines with technical skill to bring the artist’s subjects to life. Objects that are more than decorative emerge provocatively from darkness, enticing the viewer to look closely. In Brown Jug with Garlic, a spot of light reflected from a jug in the background draws the eye from a root of fresh garlic into the mysterious unknown. A similar effect is created in Two Lemonss, wherein light from a glass decanter recedes behind palpable lemons and a perfect egg.

Baldino can be compared to Vermeer in her use of light, to James Peale in her elegant composition, and to the seminal Dutch painters of the 16th century with the simplicity of emotion her work inspires. Orchid in Bloom stands apart from the other paintings she exhibits here in that the plant is unaccompanied by other objects except for the simplest of pots on the subtlest of tables, its beauty barely constrained to the earthly dimension.

Patt Baldino started painting at the High Scholl of Art and Design and went on to earn an Associate Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a BFA Degree from the School of Visual Arts. She also studied at the National Academy of Fine Art, the Art Students League, the Reilly League of Artists, and other fine teaching establishments.

Her work is presently exhibited in the Phyllis Lucas Gallery in New York City and the Christopher Gallery in Stony Brook, N.Y. During 2005 and 2006, her paintings were shown in UpStream Gallery Miniature Art Shows and at the National Academy Museum.

Using a view finder really helps to get the layout I want. Unlike a landscape, I want the viewer to immediately focus on the center point and trail off from there. The focal point needs to be strong.
2007 Book Art Press